Research Projects at Headway

We aim to contribute to the existing knowledge base on Acquired Brain Injury. For this purpose, we undertake a number of research projects each year, with the aim of publishing our findings in relevant scientific journals, as well as using the results to further improve and develop our services. Examples of previous projects can be found here.

Proposals for such research projects are first submitted to our Research Ethics Committee, and following approval, volunteers are invited to take part in the study wherever relevant. Our research projects employ a range of methods, depending on the issue under investigation, such as client interviews, questionnaire information, neuropsychological data, EEG and other physiological measures.

International Research into Brain Injury

As an organisation, we strive to keep abreast of up-to-date information regarding service provision to people with acquired brain injury (ABI), so that evidence-based practice can be implemented across all our services. We also maintain a list of academic references of relevance to community based rehabilitation for brain injury which is available through our online reference library

Also, the research feed from  has an up to date feed of all the latest studies.

2017 Key Findings from the I See Beyond Campaign

A national survey* conducted by Amárach Research showed the positive impact of the I See Beyond campaign:

  • 85% rise in awareness towards hidden disabilities in Irish workplaces and places of education, since 2016.
  • 78% of people surveyed would hire someone with a hidden disability if they were an employer.
  • An increase of 36% of people who feel comfortable telling their employer they have a hidden disability.
  • Respondents report higher levels of awareness for people with hidden disabilities in Dublin and places of educations than in other regions.
  • 30% of people would not feel comfortable in telling their employer about their hidden disability.
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