Commonly asked questions

Read our selection of answers to common questions about Headway asked by people with a brain injury.

Is there a charge for Headway services?

No, our services are free of charge.  We are a registered charity and receive funding from the Health Services Executive.

Where are Headway services based?

We have services in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Tralee and Carlow. See our locations here

We also operate a national helpline Monday to Friday which is operational between the hours 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

How do you decide what service I will get?

After you apply for our services, we meet with you and a family member. We look at an overview of your situation and establish what your needs are. Together, the Rehabilitation team, including you and your family member/support person develop the best possible individualised rehabilitation plan.  Following this, you are provided with written follow up, containing the outline of the plan and more details of the service. Depending on your needs and circumstances, the Rehabilitation team may also suggest referrals to other organisations who can help. These will be discussed with you.

Will I get a Personal Service Plan?

Yes. Individual service plans are developed and reviewed in collaboration with you, and designed to reflect your personal goals. The plan is reviewed regularly and adapted to suit your evolving needs/goals. As the service is concerned with increasing your independence, and encouraging meaningful engagement within your own community, discharge is considered from the initial plan, taking account of your needs and goals as well as available support systems, and the strengths and challenges you are facing.

Many people maintain a long-term engagement with Headway services, perhaps with reducing levels of support over time and a phased and supported return to meaningful engagement with your own community.  Decisions regarding transition through services and ultimately discharge are made by the rehabilitation team, including you and the family/support person, and reflect your needs, abilities and desired outcomes.

Will I have to wait long for a service?

Depending on which Headway centre you apply to will determine the waiting time for your first appointment with us. Once we receive the referral we’ll advise you of how long it will take to get an initial appointment.

Will I have to wait after my initial appointment and waiting for services to begin?

This depends on the service you are referred to as some services have longer waiting lists than others. You will be advised of an approximate waiting time when your recommended services are discussed with you at your initial appointment.

Do Headway provide services for people who have had a stroke?

Yes, we provide services for people who have brain injuries from varying causes, including stroke.

Do Headway support my family members/carers?

Yes, when you come for your initial appointment we will speak with your family member to understand their support needs.