Brain injury information

What is a brain injury?

An acquired brain injury, sometimes shortened to “ABI” is an injury caused to the brain since birth. There are many causes of brain injury, including a fall, a road accident, tumour and stroke.  Find some basic brain injury information here or go to our section about the brain and brain injury

Your brain injury is not the same as anyone else’s brain injury, because your brain is unique.

Brain Injury Survivor

This section explains some of the main types of brain injury, some of the common effects and will guide you towards some practical suggestions for living with the changes. If you would like more information, we also have a section where you can find out more about the brain and brain injury here.

Because everyone’s injury is unique to them, you might have questions that you don’t find the answers to here. But you can get in touch with us to ask for Information, Support or help in locating services to help. Here’s how you can contact us.

Out of the Blue

A brain injury is a sudden event. It happens out the blue. This short animation was made by brain injury survivors to explain what can happen and how Headway can help.

What are the Main Types of Brain Injury?

Strokes and HaemorrhagesA stroke happens when a blood vessel in, or around, the brain bursts or is blocked. This causes damage to the brain cells. A Haemorrhage is a bleed. – Read more
Traumatic Brain InjuryA Traumatic Brain Injury happens when an outside force is applied to the brain, or body, that affects the way the brain works.  – Read more
Aneurysms and Arteriovenous MalformationsAn Aneurysm is a weak spot on an artery that has bulged out. The walls of an aneurysm can burst because they are thin and weak from being stretched – Read More
ConcussionA Concussion is a blow to the head or body that causes the brain to shake inside the skull. This can change the way your brain normally works. – Read More
InfectionsInfections of the brain or spinal cord can result in dangerous inflammation. This can affect the way the brain works. – Read More
Other kinds of brain injuryLack of oxygen, brain tumours and encephalopathy are all possible causes of a brain injury. Find out more in this article – Read More

What are the Main Effects of Brain Injury?

Common Effects of Brain Injury

This page lists some of the common effects of a brain injury. – Read More

Strategies for Coping with Changes

Living with Changes Caused by a Brain Injury

See our range of downloadable information to help you live with some of the common changes you might experience following a brain injury – Read More