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Our Services

Headway provides person centred services based on an assessment of a person’s needs and their own goals for recovery to assist people living with Acquired Brain Injury to rebuild their lives.

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I have a Brain Injury

Headway acts as a lifeline providing person centred services to assist people with acquired brain injury in rebuilding their lives. Our aim is to maximise your potential and quality of life and promote independence.

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Headway can assist your client/patient with ABI to rebuild their lives based on an assessment of their needs and their own goals for recovery. To find out how to support your patient read more here.

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Someone I know has a Brain Injury

Brain injury doesn’t just happen to one person, it happens to a whole family, in laws and close friends. Families need attention. Some cope better, but all have difficulties. We are here for you.

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At Headway, we understand that life after a brain injury can be overwhelming for both the survivor and family members. There is so much to cope with – changes in relationships with family and friends, financial strain, difficulty adjusting to changes in work  – many people with ABI feel worthless, misunderstood, lonely and frustrated. Headway is here to help and support you. We strive to create a place where people living with ABI can feel supported to rebuild their lives.

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