Introduction to the brain

The brain controls and coordinates everything we do.  Its job is to receive messages, process those messages and respond to them.  The brain allows us to do a huge range of things such as think, learn,  move, breathe, speak, show emotion and control most of our bodily functions. This introduction to the brain tells you about the nervous system, the structure of the brain and the lobes of the brain.

Introduction to the brain interactive

Your Amazing Brain

Your brain is amazing! Find out how amazing in our interactive introduction to the brain below. Click on the picture or the link below to see it. You will need to be able to hear sound to get the full benefit.

Still from amazing brain e-learning module

Introduction to the brain starting points

Use these links to navigate to the other pages in this section to find out more about what the brain is and how it works:

The Nervous System and the Brain

Brain Structure and Function

The Lobes of the Brain

Brain and brain injury booklet cover

The Brain and Brain Injury

Download The Brain and Brain Injury Publication in pdf format