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Christmas card Packs

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Living with Brain Injury Pack

Living with brain injury booklets and folder

Our toolkit can help you make the most of living with the effects of a brain injury. The Brain Injury Series Booklets address many of the difficulties faced by people following discharge from hospital. It provides useful and practical information to help you and your family on the journey of recovery.

The pack is divided into the stages of: Early Recovery; Coping with Changes; Dealing with Feelings and Moving on and includes:

  • A soft plastic folder for easy storage and portability.
  • Diary, Organiser and Planner
  • Reading Guide/Bookmark
  • Brain Injury Series Booklets on:
    • Returning Home
    • Living with changes in Fatigue and Sleep
    • The Brain and Brain Injury
    • Living with changes in your Memory
    • Living with changes in your Attention and Concentration
    • Living with changes in your Planning and Organising skills
    • Communicating after a Brain Injury
    • Feeling Low or Anxious
    • Anger, Irritability and Mood Swings
    • Relationships and Intimacy
    • Returning to Driving
    • Alcohol after a Brain Injury
    • Returning to Work or other Activities
 Price: €12 per pack, plus €3 postage & packing

Walk our Paths

Cover of Walk our Paths

A collection of inspirational stories from people with Acquired Brain Injury

Price: €10 per book, plus €4 postage & packing
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