Commonly asked questions

Do you have age criteria?

The minimum age of clients we work with is 18. Most of our services are available to people aged 18 – 65 years. This is because of funding restrictions. However, some of our services are open to people aged 65 years and over. Please contact our Information and Support team on 1800 400 478 if you wish to refer someone over the age of 65.

Is there a charge for Headway services?

No, our services are free of charge.  We are a registered charity and receive core funding from the HSE (Health Services Executive).

Can people refer themselves to Headway?

Yes, individuals and family members, as well as professionals, may make referrals to Headway. The person seeking service must give their consent to applying.

Where are our Headway services based?

We have services in Dublin, Cork, the Mid-West, Tralee and Carlow. For more on our locations see here.

We also operate a National information line on 1800 400 478 Monday – Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm -5pm. You can also contact us by email to or use our live chat service on this page.

Will my client have to wait long for a needs assessment?

We are constantly working to reduce waiting times and barriers to accessing our services. Despite this, there is usually a waiting period for an initial assessment. During the waiting period, our team will be working on processing the application and liaising with the referring agent and other settings where the client has received a service.

For up-to-date estimates of waiting times, contact us on Freephone 1800 400 478.

Will my client have to wait long between attending the needs assessment and waiting for services to begin?

This depends on the service they are referred to because some services have longer waiting lists than others. Headway staff will give an approximate waiting time when talking about the recommended services during the person’s needs assessment.

Do Headway provide services for people who have had a stroke?

Yes, we provide services for people who have sustained brain injuries from various causes, including stroke.

Do Headway host educational events on ABI for health professionals?

On an ad hoc basis, Headway can organise and provide training on general subjects related to Acquired Brain Injury.  Email us on for further information.