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Emmett’s Story

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I had my accident on the 3rd November 2008.  I lost my eye and sustained an injury to my frontal lobe.  I spent 6 weeks in Cork University Hospital and 6 weeks in the Mid- West Regional Hospital.

The Occupational Guidance Advisor called to see me and spoke to me about Headway.  My main aim was to get back to work.  I found it very hard to settle in Headway.  After a while on the programme, Louise Carey arranged with Limerick County Council.  I really enjoyed the placement.  I continued to attend Headway and I completed my Level 4 Major Award in Employability Skills.

I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Headway only for the staff, who were always very nice and supportive.  The keyworker support was great and  I found the Brain Injury Management module very useful.

Through Headway, I obtained employment with Limerick Co. Co.  This was a CE scheme, which was 19 ½ hours per week.  I found this hugely beneficial as it gave me a sense of purpose and provided me with a routine.  I felt the tunnel was not as long as when I first started in Headway.

During my time on the CE scheme, Limerick Co. Co. Prepared me for full time employment by providing training courses on CV preparation and interview techniques.

I applied for employment with Work Access.  I found this a very positive experience.  I had to attend Work Access every week as part of the get to know you phase.

From there I obtained employment with Textile Recycling Ltd.  I have been employed with company for almost 3 years.

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