Fair Use Policy

Our fair use policy

We are listening and information service but do not offer counselling or psychotherapy. Additionally, we need to maintain our availability to all in a fair and equitable way.

We aim to be as accessible as possible to callers and calls in line with the purpose of the service. On occasion, callers may use the service in ways which are inappropriate.

The criteria for inappropriate service usage include:

  • Excessive call duration (calls longer than  45 mins for second or subsequent calls)
  • Excessive call frequency (More than two calls of 45 minutes, or longer, per week)
  • Where the primary issue of the caller is not related to Acquired Brain Injury
  • Where the caller is attempting to use the service for therapeutic purposes – ie counselling or psychotherapy. In these situations, where regular professional therapeutic contact is needed, we are not the appropriate service to meet that need. We will signpost to other services, where these are available.

Regarding abusive behaviour and language – including shouting, cursing, see our policy on Abusive Contacts.

Potential Responses

When a caller is deemed to be making inappropriate or excessive use of the service, we will:

  • Discuss with caller the purpose of the service and criteria for inappropriate use.  
  • Discuss with user about limits on use of the service, and appropriate signposting to alternative services where possible and appropriate.
  • If the inappropriate use continues, we will issue warnings on two occasions, and terminate the service to the user on the third occasion, having provided information about alternative sources of support.