Organise an Event

Congratulations ! You are here because you are considering organising your own fundraising event – a popular form of fundraising.

You probably organise events on a regular basis without even noticing – dinner or drinks with friends, birthday parties and family occasions. With your friends, family and colleagues help, you can turn your pastimes into successful fundraisers helping Headway and still catching up with your loved ones while having lots of fun.

Pick one of the following:

  • Get friends to sponsor you carrying out a particular activity e.g. a run, slimming down, a walk or climbing a mountain if you are more adventurous!
  • You can organise a fundraising event. The event can be something small such as a disco or concert.
  • Perhaps there is a regular event that takes place in your community. You could ask the organiser if you can add a fundraising element to the day e.g. holding a raffle with proceeds coming to Headway.

Big or small to help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, there are a number of components that you must consider:

  • You’ll need to plan the detail of your event
  • Build a team to help you
  • Understand your budget
  • Plan your logistics
  • Plan your sales & advertising.

If you take the time to work through each of these steps beforehand you’ll find that it can be a fun and worthwhile experience. Headway might also be able to help you. Call us on  01 6040 800 and ask for Sarah.

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