Communicating After a Brain Injury

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Contents: Aphasia;  Apraxia of speech; Dysarthria; Communication, thinking and social skills;  Tips for you; Tips for others


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Contributors and Sources

Booklet Content and Concept Development Team, Headway Ireland: Ruth Lunnon, Senior Information and Support Officer (Lead) Headway Ireland; Speech and Language Therapists Sally Conneely and Anya Leonard; Richard Stables, Information and Support Service Manager and Catherine O’Hare, Information and Support Officer, Headway Ireland.

Acknowledgements: Our gratitude goes to Aisling Creed, Senior Speech & Language Therapist, HSE Stroke Rehabilitation Team, Baggot Street, for her input into, and review of, this booklet. We are also grateful to the many Headway clients whose shared experiences made an important contribution to the development of this booklet and to the Headway staff who kindly facilitated them in this work. In addition, we wish to thank the City of Edinburgh Council for giving us permission to use their Bonington Symbol System (BSS).

Sources Used:

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Please note: we have done our best to provide information that is correct and up-to-date. However, we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions. Everyone’s brain injury affects them differently. You should not consider this information as a substitute for getting advice from a doctor or other professional.

© Headway Ireland 2016. Next review due in 2018. You may download and print this booklet for personal or not-for-profit use. If you wish to reproduce any portion of this booklet, you must request permission from Headway Ireland by emailing or phoning 01 6040 800 within Ireland or 003531 6040 800 from outside Ireland.

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