Work Related and Vocational Programmes

Our Headway vocational team helps clients who have barriers to work prepare for, enter and succeed in the workforce. They assess each client and design individually tailored steps to help them achieve their goals.

Each of our vocational programmes is designed to provide insight and increase self-awareness, identify interests and explore practical career options and goals post injury. All of our programmes seek to empower clients to reach their optimum level of independence and self-management.

How it works

We work in partnership with the person to design individually tailored steps towards achieving their goals. The individual is responsible for working towards these goals, which are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The duration and intensity of the service is based on the persons individual needs. The aim of this service is to empower clients to reach their optimum level of independence and self-management.

We also offer services that help the person to improve vocational readiness by developing personal and practical skills such as personal development e.g. self-awareness and confidence building, computer skills and work specific skills, such as CV preparation and interview skills. This may involve facilitating the person to get recognised qualifications necessary to progress to further education and/or work opportunities. Work placements may also be offered by some of our vocational services.

Return to work

For clients who wish to return to their previous employment, the service can assist with designing a phased plan to return to work and can liaise with employers, if desired. We can support the person in accessing information about the impact of earnings on current Social Protection payments. We can provide education and support to employers and colleagues on the impact of acquired brain injury and, with consent, the specific impact it has had for the person. In addition, we can provide the employer with information and guidance regarding reasonable workplace accommodations for the client. Our support is ongoing until the client and employer feel confident managing independently.

Who can apply

Adults aged 18 to 65 with an acquired brain injury, see  How To Apply


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