Family Support Services

We know that when someone has a brain injury, it doesn’t just affect them, but affects you as their family member. More often than not it can happen that when a family member has a brain injury a lot of extra responsibility can fall on your shoulders. It is possible to become stressed, or even unwell, from the demands on your time, energy and emotions. Headway’s family support services are here to help.

Headway offers support to family members.

  • We have education, counselling, and support groups for family members in a number of our centres in Ireland. These are for family members over 18 years of age. You can apply here. 
  • We operate an Information and Support helpline which you can call  on 1800 400 478 or email
  • We have produced a number of support guides which we hope can help you understand the path ahead.  Specifically available to you are the Family Guide to Brain Injury; a Teenager’s Guide; and a Children’s Guide
  • In Cork, we have a Social Work service which can provide support and assistance to family members as well as people with brain injury.
  • We have meet ups as part of our Family Members’ Group meeting.  Keep an eye on our events section.
  • Other organisations may be running events for family members too. Contact Headway’s Helpline. They can direct you.
  • Want to get news and information? To keep up with news and events relevant to families affected by brain injury, sign up to receive our regular eNewsletter.

“It’s when you talk to someone else who is looking after someone with brain injury that they understand completely. Even though each brain injury is different, they still get where you are coming from. I find that from the carer meetings I go to at Headway. We all just “get it” – Martina, family member

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