Services in Dublin and Surrounding Area

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Information and Support

Our National Telephone Information and Support Service is available at no charge, freephone 1800 400 478 or contact us via the web.


Day Rehabilitation Centres

We have locations in Blackhall Green, D7 (see map and contact information here),  and Donnybrook D4, (see map and contact information here) – (how to apply).


Rehabilitative Training

Locations in Finglas (see map and contact information here) and Clondalkin (see map and contact information here) – (how to apply).


Psychological Support

We offer a range of assessments and help for people affected by brain injuries including specific supports for family members.- (how to apply).


Accessing Your Local Community and Employment

Helping people overcome barriers to accessing their local community and employment opportunities – (how to apply)


Headway Office Locations

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