Creative Arts Programmes

The role of creative therapies in aiding rehabilitation following brain injury has been well established in research. At Headway, we place a lot of emphasis on building skills and confidence through creative expression.

As one of our facilitators expressed it:

We have worked with film, with murals, with paper, wood and string, with dance and movement, electronics and sound. We have created private pieces and public projects, choosing which parts of our shared process to keep private and which to share with the world. Using art, we have cried, we have laughed, we have been angry and we have faced fears. Each and every time however, we have grown. Grown in confidence, grown in strength – both physically and emotionally, grown in friendship. In short, we have healed, a little piece of ourselves at a time.”
– Paula Larkin, extract from Art as Healing, Making Headway 2015

All creative activities help to lower stress levels, decrease depression and increase confidence. They promote positive feeling and increase concentration. A creative project is a stimulating challenge and enhances the self-esteem of the participant. Whether through art, crafts, drama, dance or music there is something for everyone at Headway. Some of our creative programmes include:

We evaluate each module at the end and we take into account the feedback of the participants during the development of the subsequent modules. In this way, the programme is continually adapting to the needs of its participants.

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