Can I refer my family member who has had the brain injury to Headway services directly or does the referral need to come from a professional?

Yes, you can refer your family member to Headway yourself – download the relevant application here.

How can Headway support me?

Headway provides a number of support services to adult (18 years +) family members. We run support meetings, psycho-education sessions and individual and couples counselling. We also operate an information & support helpline (1800 400 478) which runs Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

The Headway centre you apply to will determine the waiting time for your first appointment. We offer drop in meet up groups for family members once a month in Dublin. You can call us to find out when our next meet up group is.

How do I know what Headway services to apply for, for my family member who has had the brain injury?

At the first initial appointment with Headway, your family member will meet with members of our rehabilitation team. This is an opportunity for our team to assess what needs your loved one has. Based on that meeting, recommendations about Headway services will be made and clearly explained to your family member. We will also send out written confirmation after the meeting.

Is my family member guaranteed a Headway service?

We are not in a position to guarantee services based on a referral application alone. On some occasions, our rehabilitation team may decide that Headway services are not appropriate for your family member. In these circumstances, all efforts will be made to refer your family member to a more appropriate service where their rehabilitation needs can be best met. Read more about our eligibility criteria here.

Is there a fee for accessing Headway services?

Headway is funded in part by the Health Service Executive and as such there are no fees or costs to accessing any of Headway services. We fundraise to raise additional funds to bolster the suite of services we provide. If you are interested in supporting our range of fundraising initiatives please contact us.

Do you provide transport for my family member to your service?

Headway is not in a position currently to provide transportation services, however, we do assist with helping you establish transport if there is a need in that regard. We have strong links with transport services such as Dublin Bus who provide ‘travel training’ to our clients to help them travel as independently as possible on public transport.

My family member is taking a legal case with regard to their brain injury, can Headway support us in that action?

Headway is a rehabilitation service and as such does not act as an expert witness in court / legal proceedings. We do not provide medico-legal reports either. On application to Headway, your family member will be advised of this and asked to sign a document to acknowledge understanding in this regard.

What do you do with our personal information and medical documentation?

All information and documentation received by Headway is recorded and kept on file in accordance with Data Protection legislation. We have a clear and transparent confidentiality policy which you will be advised of at your first meeting with us. We are very happy to discuss any element of this policy with you.

My family member with the brain injury doesn’t want to access Headway or any other support services, what do I do?

This is often a stressful situation for family members. All clients who access Headway do so of their own accord. In the rare circumstances that your family member does not wish to access Headway or other support services, we are still available to support you. You are welcome to call our Information and Support Helpline where a member of our team will discuss this issue with you.

Can I access entitlements and benefits to care for my family member?

When you care for somebody with a brain injury, there will be a number of welfare benefits for which you or the person you care for may qualify. (Carer’s Allowance, Carer’s benefit, Domiciliary Care Allowance, Respite Care Grant, Benefits for the injured person and Constant Attendance Allowance).  Some of these benefits are aimed at people on low incomes and are means tested but some of them are not means tested and everyone who meets the qualifying criteria is entitled to the full payment amount. If you have any doubts about which benefits apply to you contact your local Social Welfare office or your local Citizen’s Information Centre. For more call  Citizens Information Phone Number 0761 07 4000 and/or HSE Information Line 1850 24 1850

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