Involve your Local Representative

Headway works to heighten public and political awareness of brain injury and the impact it has on individuals, families and carers. See below for a list of our submissions.

More and more people are surviving brain injury in Ireland however, due to a lack of resources for neuro-rehabilitation, they are often left to cope on their own. We know that there is a pyramid of rehabilitation needs for ABI. Ireland just isn’t delivering.

Fortunately only some people sustain very severe injuries. There are many more with moderate brain injury and very large numbers described as mild brain injury who, nonetheless, have significantly disabling problems. Our health care system has no sense of the numbers living with brain injury which in itself leaves us wide open as we aren’t able to understand the magnitude of the problem.

We do know however that there are too many patients; too few ABI services; too few of everything – Neurosurgical beds – acute rehab beds – post acute rehab beds like NRH – slower stream rehab beds – trained community teams and comprehensive review services for as long as needed. There are not enough community services to provide a civilised caring response for all those who have to cope with a devastating brain injury.

We have far fewer rehab services than any country in Europe! According to Dr Mark Delargy from the NRH, our counterparts can’t believe what people in Ireland put up with. “We have patchy ABI rehab coverage. – a bit like broadband – there are only some places you can get ABI services. And what rehab you get is often very slow to arrive.” That’s unfair. There is a need for a seamless service  – unfortunately there isn’t one.

In 2011 the Government put together a plan for neurorehabilitation but nothing has happened. People are left in a bewildering system with very little chance of finding the right recovery path. Headway work to highlight this problem. If you think you can help us highlight the plight of people living with Acquired Brain Injuries  and ask your local representative to champion their right to decent health provision please act now.  People living with Acquired brain injury need our support.


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