Impact on You & the Family

At Headway, we understand that when a family member has a brain injury a lot of extra responsibility can fall on your shoulders. It is possible to become stressed or even unwell , from the demands on your time, energy and emotions. If you need our support you can apply for our services, contact our helpline or download our guides below.

The crisis of brain injury and its consequences can inflict huge emotional strain on people and it’s likely that you family is facing one of the biggest challenges of your life. As you struggle with this change remember that there is help and support out there.

Many of the problems that children face are similar to those that affect the adults in a family. However there are some special issues that affect children when a parent acquires a brain injury.  While Headway do not provide services to children, we have developed a resource that we hope will help them cope. Children are often not given sufficient information which can lead them to feel anxious about what is happening and to imagining the worst. Communicating in an age appropriate way can help a child to understand and adjust to a new situation.  If you feel that your child is affected, a good starting point can be to see the assistance of a family therapist of counsellor. Headway can help you by providing you with a list of counsellors/therapists working in your area.

Family Guide to Brain Injury

Teen Guide to Brain Injury

Kid’s Guide to Brain Injury

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