Getting the Support You Need

Coping with an acquired brain injury is a major challenge for any family. One of the most challenging aspects of a brain injury is the fact that the whole immediate family, in-laws and close friends are all affected in one way or another. No family is ever prepared for a brain injury.

Families will very often need attention, education, guidance and support if they are to survive, regroup and rebuild their lives. Some families cope better than others, but all have difficulties. Families are different and no matter how well functioning a family is there is no normal way or clear road map for how they should cope with a brain injury.

At Headway, we recognise the challenge and try to support the whole family.   Headway offer individual counselling and couples therapy and you can apply by downloading the relevant application form. We also provide drop in carers meetings in our centres in Dublin, Limerick & the South East.  If you are not in a position to take advantage of our service you can always contact our helpline 1890 200 278.  Our team are here to listen.


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