Social Work (Cork)

What does the service provide?

  • Information, advice and support
  • Support with the social, practical and emotional impact of an ABI.
  • Advocacy assistance for accessing internal and external supports.
  • Advocacy in terms of service users rights to, e.g., housing, benefit entitlements, HSE funding, issues within the family.
  • Act as a reference for resources, e.g., applying for financial support, aid/adaptations etc.
  • Group work, e.g., family educational workshop, and monthly carer/family support groups.

Who is the service for?

Family members and significant others of those affected by an acquired brain injury. Eligible referrals are those in a need of an advocate; support with the social, practical and emotional impact of an ABI; or those needing to access resources.

Generally the service works with adults aged between 18 and 65, however, due to the nature of the service the age of the family member accessing the Social Work Service is not restrictive to this age category in that our social worker takes the entire family into consideration so the needs of children in a family in which a parent has an ABI are also addressed. This would occur through referral to relevant external agencies such as Child Protection Services for example.

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