Payments and Grants

Ask the Hospital Social Worker about payments and grants or contact Citizens Information on 076 107 4000.

See also Financial and Legal.

Payments to family carers: you may be entitled to Carer’s Allowance, Respite Grant, or other Social Welfare payments. If you stop working to care for a family member, you can apply for Carer’s Leave and Carer’s Benefit. Dept of Social Protection t: 1890 927 770 w:

Payments to people with brain injuries: you may be entitled to Illness Benefit, Disability Allowance, an Invalidity Pension or other Social Welfare payments. For some payments, you can work, or do training, and keep your benefits. Dept of Social Protection Lo-call t: 1890 927 770 w:

Paying for a nursing home: the Nursing Homes Support Scheme – a Fair Deal shares the cost between you and the state. Ask the Hospital Social Worker, or your local Nursing Homes Support Office, for forms and assistance. HSE t: 1850 24 1850 w:

Paying for care at home: the HSE may provide a Home Care Package. Contact the HSE Disability Manager or Manager of Older Persons Services. HSE t: 1850 24 1850 w:

If you’re paying privately, you can claim Tax Relief. Revenue t: 01 702 3011 w:

Adapting your home: if you’re renting from the council, contact their Housing Section. If they approve any adaptations, they’ll pay for them.If you’re a homeowner or renting, you can apply for the Housing Adaptation Grant or Mobility Aids Housing Grant from your council. If you don’t qualify for these, and can’t get a bank loan, you can apply to your council for a Home Improvement Loan. See more on and in Housing and adapting your home.

Aids, appliances and technology: you can get these through the HSE, privately, or through health insurance. Your Occupational Therapist (OT) can advise you, and help you apply for the Mobility Aids Housing Grant. Income Tax Relief and VAT back These are available on the following and others:

  • Buying, and using, an adapted car
  • Aids, appliances, technology and medication
  • Cost of care and hospital treatment

Revenue t: 01 702 3011 w:

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