Information for Family Members

When someone suffers a brain injury, it doesn’t just happen to them, it happens to the whole family.  If you are reading this, you are probably going through many experiences that you didn’t expect or get a chance to plan for.

After a brain injury, families can face challenges that other people don’t see. At Headway, we understand that when a family member has a brain injury, a lot of extra responsibility can fall on your shoulders. If you need our support you can apply for our [services], contact our [Information and Support Helpline] or download our guides below. Taking care of yourself is as important as looking after the injured person.

The Family Guide to Brain Injury

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Family Guide to Brain Injury BookletDownload  The Family Guide to Brain Injury -Part of the Brain Injury Series of booklets. Publication in pdf format

Getting the Support You Need

At Headway, we recognise the challenge and try to support the whole family.   Headway offer individual counselling and couples therapy and you can apply by downloading the relevant application form. We also run family member group meetings in our centres in Dublin, Limerick & the South East.  If you are not in a position to take advantage of our service you can always contact our Information and Support Helpline on 1800 400 478. Our team are here to listen.

Family Member Support Groups

Support, help graphicSometimes, there is no substitute for talking to other people who have had a similar experience to give you hope and energy to face the challenges ahead. Our family member support groups in Dublin and the South East (for example, the group in Carlow) provide a safe space with a facilitator to share your experience of the impact of a family member’s brain injury.  Share your story, listen to others or just enjoy the company of others who understand the stresses of the situation you’re in.

Getting What You Need After a Brain Injury – pocket leaflet

Your handy pocket guide to services and supports available in Ireland

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Download Getting What You Need After a Brain Injury Publication in pdf format

See also our other lists of [resources for people affected by brain injury.]

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