Headway at the Cork Chamber of Commerce

Breakfast Briefing on the New Rehabilitation Centre in Cork

Liz Owens, Headway Regional Manager in the Southern Region recently attended a breakfast briefing at the Cork Chamber of Commerce. She summarised the situation regarding our recently launched campaign to raise funds for the new dedicated rehabilitation centre in Cork:

“Headway is an Irish charity that is CARF accredited and provides rehabilitation services to adults affected by acquired brain injury and stroke.

We are funded by the HSE under a service level agreement worth approx €1million per annum.

We employ 22 staff members provide rehabilitation services to 500 clients per annum.  Headway have staff training and wellness strategies in place to support the staff in their rehabilitation roles.

Our mission is to bring about positive change in the lives of those affected by brain injury

We support people to rebuild their lives and hold meaningful roles in their own communities.   Headway also works to heighten awareness of brain injury in Ireland, to shed light on this hidden disability.

In 2018, we purchased the site on the Carrighrohane road on which we plan to develop a purpose built rehabilitation centre for the people of Cork

We are actively seeking to increase our services to work with  older adults.   Based on the recent statistic that by 2020 our population will have more older adults than children under 5.

Headway are there for your employees, families and friends. Help us to help you by promoting our services and our community reach.”

Here is a recording of her briefing:

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