Moments of Calm

Headway clients have many talents. Martin Stelcik is an artist ( ) and teacher and also happens to have had an acquired brain injury from a stroke when he was just 32 years old. Suddenly his life was turned around. He lost his speech and he was left paralysed on the right side of his body. Although he had won his battle for life, at the time he could not see any future or hope, as he was unable to work, speak or move. A while after returning home from hospital, Martin started drawing, with his left hand. At first, he worked on his drawings just at home, and then he joined the art group based in the Gilbert Centre in Mallow. Art is his motivation. Drawing became his new way of life, helping him to overcome the difficulties of living with a disability. Now Martin has been in a position to share his passion and his skill with other brain injury survivors by facilitating a client-led art group. The video below shows some of the great work being done in the group. Enjoy a few moments of calm!

Headway Group Vid Still

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